Domestic Life with Roy Harper and Kaldur'ahm



Roy can tell by the way Kaldur’s crossing his arms, tapping his foot, and pursing his lips that the other man is not happy.

“I can explain?” Roy suggests.

Kaldur huffs a laugh which is more annoyed than amused. “I do not believe any explanation can justify why your apartment is hoarding hundreds of dogs.”

Roy looks around, careful not to step on any paws or tails, at all the dogs running around the room, jumping on furniture, and playing on the carpet. “I’d hardly say hundreds.”

“A hyperbole.” Kaldur takes a step back when a small Pomeranian, Roy calls her Doodle, presses her snout into the back of his leg. “Why are they here?”

“They had to relocate dogs from the shelter down the street after the place flooded. I volunteered.” The dogs panted and growled and barked around him, whining to be pet. Kaldur’s intimidating stance by the door vanishes when a black and white pitbull, Roy calls him Memphis, walks up to him. “It’s only temporary.”

Kaldur presses himself into the door. “That does not explain why they are in your house. And not in cages.”

“They were in cages, but they looked so sad.” Roy steps over and maneuvers himself so he’s standing next to Kal, holding Memphis back with one hand. “It’s only for tonight. And besides, I love dogs.”

“I do not.”

“It’s just for tonight babe. See, Memphis likes you.” Memphis gets close, standing on his hind legs to sniff Kaldur’s face.

Kaldur makes a sound, ducking and hiding behind Roy’s shoulder. “I am afraid of dogs.”

“I know.” He bends over, scooping Doodle up and cuddling her. “But they aren’t that bad.”

Kaldur eyes Doodle and he takes a sharp breath. His hand grabs the door knob. “I am leaving.”

“What? No, come on Kal. I’ll-” he puts Doodle on the ground. “I’ll put them away.”

“And when they are gone, I will return.”

“Ugh. Fine, get Chinese while you’re out.” The door opens and Roy holds a few dogs back so they don’t escape. “And dog food!”

Domestic Life with Roy Harper and Kaldur'ahm


“Okay. Gently let go of the brake.” The car slowly starts moving. “Nice. Now slowly press the gas-”

The car jerks forward and stops abruptly.

Roy blinks. Blinks again.

“Perhaps we should continue this-”

“No.” Roy interrupts. “We’re doing this now. You need to learn how to drive.”

Kaldur sighs, tightening his hold on the steering wheel.

“When you press on the gas, don’t step on it. Ease on it, like you’re stepping on a flower.” Roy recommends.

Kaldur’s brows crease in the middle but he nods, biting his lip and taking a deep breath.

Roy regrets not wearing a helmet.